Journal "Inland Water Biology"

№ 2 за 2000 год

Bakanov A.I.

About some questions of investigation of water ecosystems structures.

Skalskaya I.A.

Mechanisms of zooperiphyton succession.

Gagarin V.G.

First data on nematode fauna in Lake Biwa (Japan).

Vechov N.V.

Crustaceans from small waterbodies on islands of the eastern Barents sea and the Karskiye vorota strait.

Shilova A.I., Zelentsov N.I.

Chironomids fauna (Diptera, Chironomidae) of the Polar region within the Krasnoyarsk district.

Zhavoronkovа О.D.

Structure of mouth apparatus of water mite Lebertia sp. (family Lebertiidae).

Dzyuban A.N.

Bacterioplankton and microbiological oxidation of methane in water of a polluted small river.

Yelisarova V.A.

Iron and silicon as factors of phytoplankton growth in the Rybinsk reservoir.

Lazareva V.I., Mineeva N.M., Lapteva N.A., Sokolova Е.А., Butorin А.N.

Particularities of production=destruction processes of organic matter in bog lakes under impact of acid precipitation.

Gusakov V.A.

Meiobenthos from lakes of the Darvin state reserve.

Golovanov V.K., Valtonen T.

Variability of thermoadaptive properties of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum during ontogenesis.

Ponomarev V.I., Schubina V.N., Seregina Ye.Yu.

Populational peculiarities of grayling Thymallus thymallus L. feeding in the Pechora tributaries.

Kuznetsov V.A.

Analysis of yearlings abundance in the littoral habitats of the Upper Kuibyshev reservoir.

Studenov I.I.

Condition and state of natural reproduction of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar Linnaeus, 1758) in the Megra river (Winter shore of the White sea).

Lapirova Т.В.

Changes in indices of white blood in carp under effect of melathion and immunization.

Mikryakova Т.F., Papchenkov V.G.

Accumulation of heavy metals in umbrella reed in the Volga part of the Rybinsk reservoir.

Tomilina I.I., Gapeeva M.V.

Ecotoxicological assessment of bottom sediments pollution by Cd in the Upper Volga reservoirs.

Flerov B.A., Tomilina I.I., Cleveland L., Bakanov A.I., Gapeeva M.V.

Complex assessment of bottom sediments in the Rybinsk reservoir.

Monakov A.V.

"Feeding of freshwater invertebrates".

Bobrov А.А., Tutin A.V.

The ХI All-Russian conference of young scientists "Problems of ecology and biodiversity of aquatic and littoral ecosystems".

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