Journal "Inland Water Biology"

№ 1 за 2000 год

Balashov L.S., Zub L.N., Savitsky A.L.

Types of Kiev waterbodies according to floristic composition of higher aquatic vegetation.

Krylova E.G., Kuz'michev A.I.

Structure and succession of vegetation in lakes of the Nekrasov floodplain.

Lapirov A.G., Trusov B.A.

Onthogenesis of Butomus umbellatus L.: development from seeds during the second year of the life.

Myl'nikov A.P., Myl'nikova Z.M., Tsvetkov A.I.

Fine structure of a predatory flagellate Colpodella sp.

Pyrina I.L.

Long-term study of the content of phytoplankton pigments in the Rybinsk reservoir.

Devyatkin V.G., Meteleva N.Yu., Mitropolskaya I.V.

Hydrophysical factors of productivity of littoral phytoplankton: effect of hydrophysical factors on dynamics of phytoplankton photosynthesis.

Okhapkin A.G.

Dynamics of species structure of potamophytoplankton in different water.

Stolbunova V.N.

Zooplankton of the Upper Volga.

Bakanov A.I.

Use of zoobenthos for monitoring of freshwater waterbodies (review).

Gusakov V.A.

New data on meiobenthos in the Rybinsk reservoir.

Shakhmatova R.A., Gelashvili D.B., Bezrukov M.Ye., Kravchenko A.A.

Analysis of structure of macrozoobenthos communities in urban lakes with different levels of chemical pollution.

Bakanov A.I., Gapeeva M.V., Tomilina I.I.

Assessment of bottom sediments quality in reservoirs of the Upper Volga on the basis of sediment quality triad.

Krylova I.N., Tomilina I.I.

Assessment of toxic and mutagenic properties of natural water and bottom sediments in reservoirs of the Upper Volga (territory of Yaroslavl region).

Lazareva V.I., Stepanova I.K., Komov V.T.

Organic matters and nutrients distribution in bog lakes subjected to anthropogenic acidification: nitrogen and phosphorus.

Frumin G.T.

Ecological admissible levels of heavy metals effect on aquatic ecosystems.

Mamina K.M., Kriksunov Ye.A., Kuga T.I.

Pollution of aquatic medium and reproduction of commercial fish in the Ural-Caspian basin.

Golovanova I.L.

Effect of natural and anthropogenic factors on carbohydrase activity of juvenile fish.

Smetanin M.M., Shikhova N.M.

About linear growth of bream in some parts of the Upper Volga reservoirs.

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